How to Shop for Vintage Jeans According to an Expert

First, it's a much more sustainable way of shopping. It's well-known that it takes thousands of gallons of water to make a new pair of jeans. If you're buying them second-hand, then this gets taken out of the equation. Second, they don't make them like they used to. Leadman says, "The advantage to shopping vintage denim is the fact that they were just made better back in the day! The designers (especially Levi's and Lee) knew how to cut a great and flattering pair of jeans. Not to mention the quality of denim was much better, so they last longer and have great wear/patina the older they get."
I think this very much comes down to personal style. If you're looking for a truly great pair of blue jeans, you can't go wrong with the classic brands such as Levi's, Lee and Wrangler. But maybe you're looking for a pair of cool Comme des Garçons jeans or Chanel's elegant denim. The good news is that you'll likely be able to find the right designer for you—all you need to do is look.
Vestiaire click here Collective tells me that, currently, the hottest get more info vintage denim brands on the site are Levi's, Helmut Lang, Jean Paul Gaultier, Dolce & Gabbana and Versace. So whether you're searching on Vestiaire Collective, Farfetch, Etsy or click here any other site that has a great selection of second-hand clothing, you're bound to find what you're after.
I think this is the trickiest part of shopping for vintage jeans. If you've ever shopped in retro clothing shops, you have probably noticed that everything just feels a bit tighter or, in some cases, looser. So how do you really know what's the right size for you? Leadman has the answer: "The best way to find vintage jeans is to know not only your own measurements but to know the measurements of a pair of jeans (preferably vintage) that you already own. Vintage cuts are usually much different than today's run-of-the-mill jeans. Keep in mind that vintage jeans do not have any elastic. They are 100% cotton so will stretch with wear, so it's best to size down when searching if you want a tighter fit. Make here sure to measure them right after a wash as well."

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